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Fortunately for us, there is a company in Russia named Elcomsoft.

This company employs first-rate cryptographers and they develop and sell software to crack various password encryption schemes. (As a side note, a cryptographer from Elcomsoft was the first person arrested and prosecuted under the DCMA when he came to the U.S. for a conference. He was eventually acquitted.)

Their software is listed as digital forensic tools, but they can just as easily be used for hacking purposes. One of their tools was used for JOSHUA SANDERS Womens Zenith Sneaker RDzWMm
that revealed nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other Hollywood stars in August 2014.

Elcomsoft developed a Windows tool named Facebook Password Extractor (FPE, for short) that extracts the user's Facebook password from its location on the user's system (the user must have used the "Remember me" feature) and then cracks it. Of course, we need physical access to the system to do this in most cases. Alternatively, if we can hack their system, we could upload this tool to the target system and then use it or we could simply download the user's browser password file and use this tool locally on our system.

You can download this free tool from Magnanni Smart laceups catalx azul RDO9tgnM
, which officially supports the following web browsers (though it may work on newer versions).

The process of using this tool is almost idiot-proof. (Almost a requirement for Facebook hacking, wouldn't you agree?) You simply install it on the system whose Facebook password you want to extract and it does everything else.

One of the drawbacks to using this tool is that Elcomsoft released it back in 2011 and it has not been updated since. Maybe we should make this a Python project for the Null Byte community in the near future?

Look for more on Camper Drift K200414001 Sneakers women hd8BspB
and developing the skills and arts of a professional hacker here in the near future, my novice hackers!

Very interesting part! And I would love to see FPE as python project! Nice work

I had this programm and it doesnt work

so download kali linux2.0 the best os for hacking ever(2.5gb setup)

How are you

if you feel your partner might be cheating on you and you need to hire a hacker for the purpose of spying on them or giving access to their phones and social media accounts , then what you need is to contact globalhacker92 @ gmail com. i have been in contact with this hacker for a while now and he is pretty good. i currently have a live clone of my wifes cell phone and monitor her any time i like. i saw someone talk about this hacker earlier on this thread and decided to share my experience with him as well

cant we make USB password extractor ? :v

you can put laZange onto a usb with a bat file. LaZange will take all passwords from a computer then send it to you usb

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Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap in Indianapolis, and co-founder of UX Power Tools.

Besides: “Yes, that is still misaligned.”

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I always use this analogy:

No one cares what color the stitching is on the leather seats of your fancy concept car if it doesn’t even have wheels yet.

Prioritize your design efforts so that you’re satisfying all baseline requirements first . Then AND ONLY THEN can you move on to fancier things like custom illustrations and animation.


Which conveniently leads us to…

Sorry, everyone. It’s true. And I’m not saying this out of spite because I’m just not that good at it (which is also true).

World-class products have little to no animation at all:

Puma Basket Platform Glitter Wns SilverSilver H8tjxm6eo
. Jimmy choo Cloth Sandal ndxmgzS0
. Medium .

Facebook Salesforce Medium

These products are worth billions and billions and billions of dollars because they solve problems and deliver value, not because they have cute animations.

Yes, there is a time and place for animation, but start by spending your time delivering exceptional value through a best-in-class user experience. Then you can spend all the time you want making a cute little menu button that morphs into a McDonald’s Big Mac.

A pattern is something that’s regularly found in comparable objects.

Design patterns are called patterns because they’re found all over the place. Users are accustomed to doing things a certain way and that usually comes with expectations for the user experience.

I could design you a hundred different ways to filter a data table, but nothing will ever be as efficient as a left-hand rail of check boxes like the ones found on every eCommerce website.


Don’t spend your time being fancy for things that don’t need to be reinvented.

In the spirit of not reinventing your entire being , for the love of all things holy, make yourself some design templates.

You’ll save yourself seven metric boatloads of time.

Show untracked files.

The mode parameter is optional (defaults to ), and is used to specify the handling of untracked files; when -u is not used, the default is , i.e. show untracked files and directories.

The possible options are:

- Show no untracked files

- Shows untracked files and directories

- Also shows individual files in untracked directories.

The default can be changed using the status.showUntrackedFiles configuration variable documented in Anna Field Slipons rose gold ZkK411is9T

Show unified diff between the HEAD commit and what would be committed at the bottom of the commit message template to help the user describe the commit by reminding what changes the commit has. Note that this diff output doesn’t have its lines prefixed with # . This diff will not be a part of the commit message. See the commit.verbose configuration variable in git-config[1] .

If specified twice, show in addition the unified diff between what would be committed and the worktree files, i.e. the unstaged changes to tracked files.

Suppress commit summary message.

Do not create a commit, but show a list of paths that are to be committed, paths with local changes that will be left uncommitted and paths that are untracked.

Include the output of adidas Tubular Doom Primeknit Sneakers Gr UK 85 wkEG2ELaU
in the commit message template when using an editor to prepare the commit message. Defaults to on, but can be used to override configuration variable commit.status.

Do not include the output of Rieker Womens Payton 22 LaceUp Boot g6gAXV
in the commit message template when using an editor to prepare the default commit message.

GPG-sign commits. The keyid argument is optional and defaults to the committer identity; if specified, it must be stuck to the option without a space.

Countermand commit.gpgSign configuration variable that is set to force each and every commit to be signed.

Do not interpret any more arguments as options.

When files are given on the command line, the command commits the contents of the named files, without recording the changes already staged. The contents of these files are also staged for the next commit on top of what have been staged before.

The , environment variables and the option support the following date formats:

It is , where is the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch. is a positive or negative offset from UTC. For example CET (which is 1 hour ahead of UTC) is .

The standard email format as described by RFC 2822, for example .

Time and date specified by the ISO 8601 standard, for example . The parser accepts a space instead of the character as well.

When recording your own work, the contents of modified files in your working tree are temporarily stored to a staging area called the "index" with . A file can be reverted back, only in the index but not in the working tree, to that of the last commit with , which effectively reverts and prevents the changes to this file from participating in the next commit. After building the state to be committed incrementally with these commands, (without any pathname parameter) is used to record what has been staged so far. This is the most basic form of the command. An example:

Instead of staging files after each individual change, you can tell to notice the changes to the files whose contents are tracked in your working tree and do corresponding and for you. That is, this example does the same as the earlier example if there is no other change in your working tree:

The command first looks at your working tree, notices that you have modified hello.c and removed goodbye.c, and performs necessary and for you.

After staging changes to many files, you can alter the order the changes are recorded in, by giving pathnames to . When pathnames are given, the command makes a commit that only records the changes made to the named paths:

This makes a commit that records the modification to . The changes staged for and are not included in the resulting commit. However, their changes are not lost — they are still staged and merely held back. After the above sequence, if you do:

this second commit would record the changes to and as expected.

After a merge (initiated by or ) stops because of conflicts, cleanly merged paths are already staged to be committed for you, and paths that conflicted are left in unmerged state. You would have to first check which paths are conflicting with and after fixing them manually in your working tree, you would stage the result as usual with :

After resolving conflicts and staging the result, would stop mentioning the conflicted path. When you are done, run to finally record the merge:

As with the case to record your own changes, you can use option to save typing. One difference is that during a merge resolution, you cannot use with pathnames to alter the order the changes are committed, because the merge should be recorded as a single commit. In fact, the command refuses to run when given pathnames (but see option).

Though not required, it’s a good idea to begin the commit message with a single short (less than 50 character) line summarizing the change, followed by a blank line and then a more thorough description. The text up to the first blank line in a commit message is treated as the commit title, and that title is used throughout Git. For example, Schutz X REVOLVE Felice Sandal ucAa1sKt
turns a commit into email, and it uses the title on the Subject line and the rest of the commit in the body.

Git is to some extent character encoding agnostic.

The contents of the blob objects are uninterpreted sequences of bytes. There is no encoding translation at the core level.

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Designing Breakthrough Products
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Innovating Through Design
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From the October 2011 Issue
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Executive Summary

Reprint: R1110H

Thanks to the collaboration the internet has made possible and the open innovation it has spurred, we live in a world where ideas and solutions are abundant. The main challenge facing innovation managers today is how to take advantage of this wealth of opportunities, says the author, a professor of innovation management. He contends that being first to launch a new technology is less important than being first to envision its greatest untapped market potential. Most companies focus on employing new technologies to better serve customers’ existing needs. Those that have strive to create products and services that will provide customers with a completely new reason to buy a product: Think of Nintendo’s Wii, Apple’s iPod, and Swatch.

Verganti explains how companies can systematically produce technology epiphanies. He illustrates the process with the story of Philips Electronics’ creation of Ambient Experience for Healthcare, a system that uses LED displays, video animation, radio-frequency identification sensors, and sound-control systems to relieve the anxiety of patients undergoing CT, MRI, and other scans.

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In conventional product development, companies look for new technologies that will better serve the existing needs of their customers.

But if they want to create breakthrough products, they should seek to understand how those technologies could be used to address needs that customers may not realize they have.

To come up with these companies should turn to interpreters—experts from far-flung fields with a novel perspective on users—rather than to the users themselves.

Well-known examples of companies that did the latter include Nintendo, Apple, and Swatch. All three have used technology to radically change the meaning of offerings in a category—why customers buy or how they use a product. Nintendo’s clever application of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) accelerometers transformed the experience of playing with game consoles from passive immersion in a virtual world into active physical entertainment. Apple’s creation of the iPod and the iTunes Store made it easier for people to discover and buy new music and organize it into personal playlists, and provided a solution to the piracy that was threatening to destroy the music industry. And Swatch used inexpensive quartz technology to change watches from timekeeping tools into affordable fashion accessories. These companies weren’t necessarily the first to introduce a new technology in the product category (the iPod was released in 2001, four years after the first MP3 player), but they unveiled its most meaningful and profitable form.



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